February 14, 2022

Solar Alliance – Powerhouse Brookvale

It’s really happening: the speakers are booked and the beer’s on ice. The Solar Alliance‘s first project, Powerhouse Brookvale, is ready to go.

The Solar Alliance is a new concept with it’s own website and social media, created with support from Zero Emissions Sydney North (ZESN) and Clean Energy for Eternity Northern Beaches (CEFE NB).

The concept came about when members from both organisations discussed uptake of solar in business areas. It started as a ‘what-if’ conversation…

What if businesses covered their roofs in panels? Could they store excess electricity in batteries or even in electric cars or delivery vans? How about if solar uptake spread across a whole industrial estate? Could it power the whole thing?

Six months down the track we’ve asked many more questions, done a great deal of research and come up with a vision for Brookvale which, if it works, could provide a model for business solar more widely.

Big if. But worth a try.

Zero Emissions Sydney North welcomes the concept as another way to take swift, practical action on climate.

Read on for the full media release which has more details about Powerhouse Brookvale and the Solar Alliance. If you work or live or play in Brookvale, please spread the word. And if you work or live or play on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can help by following, liking and the Solar Alliance social media.

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