Solar My House

Go solar and reduce your household emissions and your electricity costs.

Solar can pay back your investment in as little as three years

and provide you with free renewable energy for many more

How does solar work

How does solar work?

Find out with Solar made simple, our very short introduction to rooftop solar and batteries (including a step-by-step guide and package prices).

How much will it cost?

Every roof is different. Our solar partner will provide an obligation-free quote tailored to your needs, based on current packages available through Zero Emissions Sydney North.

Solar my House Party

How do I find out more?

Join a free webinar to hear more about solar, savings and environmental benefits. Or get together with friends and neighbours for your own Solar My House party.

“I thought the evening was honestly great. For me it removed any barriers to entry with making the switch, mostly around research, clarity and options. Thanks so much for starting this powerful (no pun intended) initiative.”

Sally, Mosman

Meet some households who love their rooftop solar

Happy solar customers

“The solar panels and battery pretty much run the heating in winter.”

Kate and Paul + 2 teenagers

Happy solar customer

“We’re part of the change to a more sustainable way of living.”

Jennifer and Jonathan


Happy Solar Customers

“We love our trees and our roof doesn’t face north, but solar is worth it.”

Kate and Jeremy


“I love the fact that you guys are getting up and doing something when so many others just worry but never take action. Simply brilliant!”

Mairead, Mosman

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