November 4, 2021

Market Leader – Zero Emissions Info Days

This is where it all began: Zero Emissions Info Days at the monthly Mosman Market on the Village Green. Back in October 2020 we put up our gazebo and posters and gave out free zero emissions information. We had a wonderful day talking to people about saving money and sustainability and made lots of new friends. Since then, we’ve run eight info days at markets, learning as we go, introducing new ways to interact including our Sun Pledge board, and our transport group volunteers bringing EVs and bikes. We’ve had help along the way from Mosman Council, Energy Electric Bikes, Eat My Dust E-scooters and our wonderful volunteer community.

We’ve had great feedback and we’d like to help provide our free information to more areas. Would you like to help us expand to other markets on the North Shore and Northern Beaches? We’d love to hear from you!

We’re looking for a team leader for new areas, and volunteers to participate in markets wherever it suits them best. We have the equipment and free information guides. No experience required: we can bring you up to speed with what has become well-oiled machine. You just need a passion for sustainability and a willingness to engage with like-minded people.

If you’re interested in joining in with one of our most rewarding volunteer activities we’d love to have you. Please contact or fill out our volunteer form.


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