Hello, sunshine!

Welcome to Zero Emissions Sydney North. We’re a local community group united by a common goal: taking swift, practical action on climate change.

Will you be a hero for zero?

We’ve done the research. We’ve created easy programs to cut energy costs and emissions.
All we need now is your support. If we all do our bit, we’ll make a big difference.

Switch and support renewable energy

Here’s something we can all do right away to stop contributing to carbon emissions.

Install solar on your roof

It’s a no-brainer with our easy community packages and programs.


Divest your money from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions

Make sure your superfund or investments are funding a brighter future. Not fossil fuels.

Choose an electric vehicle

They’re not just good for the planet, they’re money-saving, and low maintenance

Help your school become more sustainable

From rooftop solar to replacing old bulbs with LEDs or planting a veggie garden

Lower the carbon footprint of your household

Making a few small changes at home could make a big difference to the planet

Where do our emissions come from?

56% of emissions* in our area come from electricity. That’s why our priority is to

Switch to renewables


Save energy now


* Northern Beaches Council, Kinesis Report, June 2018

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