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We help homes, businesses, schools and community groups get solar, electrify and reach net zero! We work with all three levels of Government, we’re a not-for-profit association and part of Beyond Zero Emissions‘ national zero carbon community network.

How can you be a hero for zero?

Imagine net zero, all electric homes, businesses, schools and communities. If we all do our part, together we make a big difference!

Personal: Check out our programs and events to reduce emissions, save money and go electric.
Volunteer: Join us providing information and events for homes, businesses and schools.
Collaborate: We collaborate with groups, businesses and all levels of Government, contact us to discuss.

Sydney North 100 EV Challenge

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  • Novated lease a Polestar 2 from $185/w, Tesla Y or 3, MG, Hyundai, Mini and more
  • Buy a Nissan Leaf hatch from $20k or Peugeot e-2008 SUV, Peugeot e-Expert van or MG SUV
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Programs and resources

Switch and support renewable energy

This simple change has a huge impact in reducing emissions and defunding fossil fuels.

Install rooftop solar

Solar is simple with our information, programs, case studies and videos.

Divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions

Your super and investments can fund a brighter future.

Get an electric car or bike

High-tech, low-impact. Good for the planet, money-saving and low maintenance

Help schools become more sustainable

From rooftop solar to planting a veggie garden and reducing waste

Reduce your household carbon footprint

Making a few key changes at home gives you big savings and emissions reductions


We collaborate with Councils, groups and local companies to accelerate solar, going electric and reaching net zero, including:

Where do our emissions come from?

Over 50% of emissions* in our area come from electricity.

That’s why our priorities are to

Switch to renewables and Save energy now

* Northern Beaches Council, Kinesis Report, June 2018

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